Layer Up in Style with Irish Knits

Cold weather is upon is. Stay cozy and stylish as you stay warm with pieces that are both functional and fashionable. One great option is the Irish hiking scarf. This piece is a lot more that your store-bought run of the mill knitted wool. It boasts of a rich history and a culture of artistry that has been passed on for generations. The Irish are very proud of this heritage and they do what they can to preserve their long standing knitting tradition. In Ireland, crafting enthusiast will be happy to note, knitting tours actually exists! Year in and year out, hobbyist from all over the world flock to participate in workshops, talks, tours and the like—it’s quite a packed itinerary. The tradition of knitting remains extremely popular both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Irish knitting features a very distinct cable knit design and workmanship that you won’t always see in ready to wear or fast fashion merchandise. Isn’t it always more special to own a one of a kind, lovingly crafted clothing than a mass produced one that everyone and their mother are wearing? An Irish knit piece will give you just that feeling of uniqueness and luxury.

Aran yarn is a very popular material because it’s thick, durable, and will work great in keeping you warm. Irish knits are very popular as sweaters, cardigans, throws, duvets, scarves, gloves, beanies, stockings, dresses—basically cold climate essentials and everything and anything you could think of to keep you warm. 

Although the craft of Irish knitting dates back several centuries ago, that isn’t to say that the art form never modernized! You can thank stylish and enterprising crafters for that. They’ve found a way to bring together the long and storied tradition of Irish knitting and the ever evolving and fickle world of fashion!  

DIY Irish Knitting

A quick search on crafting sites like P interest and even YouTube will prove that there really is no limit to imagination and creativity. There’s a pretty vibrant community of people out there reinventing and re imagining Irish knitting fashion. Some patters and very detailed instructions are even available if you want to take a whack at an Irish knitting DIY project. Scarves are especially popular for beginners. It’s actually not as difficult as it looks and you can get really creative with it. Try using your favorite colors to give your knitting project a personalized touch. 

Irish Hiking Scarves

An Irish hiking scarf features a bulky design that’s really popular now and can be worn many different ways. An Irish hiking scarf reversible is even more of a steal. Look instantly chic and channel your favorite off-duty celebrity OOTD with an Irish hiking scarf. Reversible pieces are even more of a bang for your buck. Get multiple styling possibilities with these nifty designs. I’ve seen a lot of patterns and tutorials for Irish hiking scarf reversible and they’re not any more difficult that regular ones. A quick search of Irish hiking scarf reversible on the net will lead you to a multitude of sites that can walk you through this project or that sells ready-made ones. Be sure to stay fashionably warm in the coming months!